Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
Noble Peace Prize Winner, Anti Apartheid Movement for Independence, South Africa

“Archbishop Desmond Tutu thanks you for your letter dated 19 January 2009. Archbishop is praying for you and for the
Youth4Gandhi Foundation and wishes you well. “
  Dr R K Pachauri
Nobel Laureate, Ph.D, Chairman, IPCC , India

“The human responsibility for climate change results from growing dependence on burning of fossil fuels & other
activities inherent in the current pattern of economic growth. Mahatma Gandhi, with his farsightedness & vision saw the
dilemma facing human society & a country like India.”
  Priya Dutt Owen,
Member of Parliament, India

“Gandhian values are so relevant in today’s time, its only a matter of how we preach those values to our youth and coming
generation….Y4G’s initiative to re-invent Gandhi is a beginning of change in itself “
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