Gandhi & Sport Gen 2010

Youth4Gandhi Foundation wish to promote UNESCOS agenda on skill development by touching broad categories of development in imparting specific value based skills to the youth via a range of media and communication aids that include Audio Visuals, animations, music, comic books, audio storytelling, physical interactive workshops and other technological tools. In the process the entire skill sets need to be digitized and gradually move towards the e-learning and more importantly m-learning processes that are cost effective and easily reachable/accessible.

The first online multimedia activation campaign with 3000 school children in Delhi & NCR on the theme Gandhi & Sport where children created audios, videos, photographs and artwork on the above theme and put it online as the largest online works on Gandhi by kids.

The campaign was supported by SAIL India (PSU) and launched by Former member of parliament Priya Dutt.

  • The campaign chose the 1st Y4G Icon of the Year 2010 and the Former Minister of Rural development Agatha Sangma, Former Member of Parliament Sandeep Dixit and Sarod Maestro Ayaan Ali Khan who played at the Nobel Peace prize Ceremony (Oslo) in December 2014 felicitated the closing award ceremony.
  • Over two hundred thousand ( 2,00,000) students engaged online on the portal during the 2 week duration of the campaign.
  • We collated the largest online art work on Gandhi from this campaign in the world

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Search 4 Gandhi 2014

To search for Gandhi within yourself by using digital tools to discover the peaceful, truthful and cool person in you.

To sensitize children about Gandhian values and drive them to visit the Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi (Museum) where Gandhi was shot dead.

The campaign was supported by GAIL INDIA (PSU)

  • This portal was launched on the 30th of January 2014 on the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on one of the most powerful and active social media tool - TWITTER. It was the first CSR project launch on social media.
  • Within an hour of the twitter launch #search4gandhi was trending in the top 10. It generated huge curiosity globally and got a wide coverage.  It reached to an audience of over 2,80000 people and 13,939,927 impressions across 9 countries – UK, USA, CANADA, INDIA, SWEDEN, NORWAY, GERMANY, PHILLIPINES and SPAIN. It is the only CSR project that got extensive coverage in more than 40 new dailies in India and abroad.
  • More than 3000 schools in Delhi NCR were targeted with this campaign, with offline tools and the best received out of them was the Street Play on Gandhi across 100 schools that received a mammoth response from the school children.

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Peace Gaming
Development of educational games based on role-play of famous personalities from across the world for youngsters to learn and imbibe values of peace in all forms.

  • Morality, ethics and character development are challenging subjects for schools to deal with especially in a secular society given the overlap of these topics with sensitive subjects such as religion. However, it is desirable that students understand what is expected of them in their role as model citizens of the country and have clear examples to emulate.
  • Co-curricular activities such as storytelling, poetry, drama and arts have long been employed as the best way to communicate these ideals albeit in an abstract manner. It is not easy to bring out the clear learning from these activities and a lot of skill is needed on the part of the teacher for them to be effective.
  • Of these Storytelling coupled with Role play can have an extremely powerful and lasting impact on the minds of the students.
  • Again, facilitating good role-play in a classroom requires a large amount of skill, effort and time. While they are difficult to teach they are not scored subject and play no role in the ranking or business of the school.
  • It is no wonder then that these are often overlooked or sidelined.
  • The online system will address these issues with game based storytelling and role-playing. In addition to the games the system will host various interschool contests which will allow schools to demonstrate clearly how much time and effort they are investing in these subjects and what is the quality of results that they are getting.
  • This will have a tangible result which not only allows the schools to differentiate themselves in terms of values and character development but also benefit the students and further the society at large.
  • The system will run various stories of famous and model characters such as Mahatama Gandhi, Rabindra Nath Tagore and Socrates etc. The Games will allow the students to role play the roles of these people and face the challenges and hardships faced by them.
Status: In Process

Gandhi Curriculam Developemt

Schools and Business Schools

Creation of a first of its kind curriculum for children/students inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest international peace icon of the century.

In process

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