About us

  • A not-for-profit initiative
  • Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s values of peace
  • Targeted towards youth empowerment
  • By using new technology to disseminate our projects
  • Guided by a panel of eminent intellectuals, young statesmen, peace educators, social activists and Nobel Laureates.
  • To learn life skills by implementing Gandhian values those are relevant today for self-empowerment of the youth.
  • To develop responsible young world citizens.
  • Evoke critical thinking capabilities in them and make them actively participate in learning life skills.
  • To be able to voice out their opinions and make effective decision on issues that affect their world today and those that will be crucial for shaping their future.
Our principle guidelines:
  • We target urban youth ranging from 13 to 35
  • We develop projects using innovative technology and multimedia to maximize global outreach and impact of our core values of peace.
  • We believe in community building by sharing new ideas and self-empowering solutions to peace related problems for positive growth and change.


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